Live in Atlanta Rockygrass Steve Capitol
23rd Feb 2015
steep canyon rangers

New photos

Click here to check out Tractor Tavern photos from Scott Shrader.

19th Feb 2015
Steep Canyon Rangers

Steep Canyon Rangers to Perform April 8 in Ponte Vedra Concert Hall

The Steep Canyon Rangers started as a group of friends playing music together for fun, but after more than a dozen years together, they are instantly recognized as one of...

10th Feb 2015
steep canyon rangers tour concert

Grammy-winning Steep Canyon Rangers amaze, melt faces

As good as the record sounds, the Rangers are a different group when seen live. Their energy was on full display, and they appeared to be enjoying the show just...

30th Jan 2015
steep canyon rangers

“Whisper My Name”

Taking it back to the Orange Peel 2014 with Sam Bush performing “Whisper My Name” with a video produced by Brian Adam Smith. Subscribe to SCR YouTube for video updates!