Album Review: Steep Canyon Rangers Strengthen their Signal with "Radio"

No Depression's Stacy Chandler: "It’s one of those albums that’s packed with hits, if only there were any justice or logic in today’s radio. The title track would be a smash hit of summer, and the follow-up would be the galloping “Blow Me Away.” “Break,” a fast-paced duet that pairs Platt and his wife, Shannon Whitworth, is a great ride, too.

You might not catch much of this album on the radio or from a double tape deck, but however you listen to it – CD, MP3, streaming, whatever you kids are doing these days – you’re getting a snapshot of the six Rangers (Platt on guitar, Sharp on banjo, Charles R. Humphrey III on bass, Mike Guggino on mandolin, the jaw-dropping Nicky Sanders on fiddle and Ashworth on drums, yes, drums) where they are right now. It speaks to me, as their contemporary, but I think these songs, honest in their writing and vibrant in sound, can get anyone on their wavelength."